Technical terms simply explained

Here you will find an overview with the most important technical terms.




Comsumer credit act (CCA). On the website of the Federal Government you will find the law on consumer credit.


Swiss Central Office for Credit Information (ZEK) registers and provides information about interested parties, positive and negative reports in the field of credit, leasing and credit cards.


Consumer Credit Information Office (IKO) is the Swiss Consumer Credit Information Office prescribed by law.


Creditworthiness provides information on how banks assess their customers in terms of risk. Does a customer pay their bills regularly? Reminders are rather rare? In this case you can speak of good payment morale. This is an important component in the credit check and calculation of the credit offer.

Credit protection

In the event of unemployment, disability or incapacity to work, the insurance company will pay your loan installments. An installment insurance is quite reasonable.

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