Check and understand creditworthiness.

Here you can learn more about your own creditworthiness. Her you can find information about obtaining a loan in Switzerland in general and the criteria at FINROX.

The most important criteria

For a successful loan application, you should meet the following rough criteria:

Age between 18 - 64

Loans can be granted from the age of 18, but the loan must be repaid by the age of 64.

Residence in Switzerland

Your residence is in Switzerland or Liechtenstein. Swiss citizenship, residence permit B or C possible.

Regular income

Your monthly income is at least CHF 2’800.- from a non-terminated employment relationship.

Good payment practice

No ongoing debt proceedings or no certificates of unpaid deeds. Good payment morale is required.

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CHF 1000CHF 250'000

Time 60

6 months120 months


Monthly Rate

Monthly rate from 4.9%

CHF 563.30

Of which credit protection: CHF
Monthly rate up to 9.9% (depending on the rate)

CHF 629.70

Of which credit protection: CHF

Frequently asked questions

What does “good payment practice” mean?

Do you pay your bills regularly? Reminders are rather rare? Congratulations, in this case you have a good payment record. This is an important component in the loan check and calculation of your loan offer.

Can I change an existing loan to FINROX?

We are happy to check the current loan conditions for you, without obligation and free of charge. Often our customers pay too much to third-party providers. A loan replacement is almost always worthwhile and is free of charge, because we take care of the administration for you.

Here you can have a loan replacement checked.