Replace other loans and save money

With us you can finance your expensive loans or card debts at a lower price. By bundling your loans, you can keep track of your financial obligations. Switch to FINROX today for free.

Your advantages with a loan replacement

Save money

Often customers pay too high interest rates on existing loans or on credit card debts. With a change to FINROX you save a lot of money.

Get an overview

Consolidate all loan and outstanding card invoices into a single monthly payment. This way you always have an overview.

No penalties

You are permitted to replace loans at any time without incurring any costs. We replace your loan by engaging directly with your current bank.

More leeway

An extended financial scope and the bundling of your debts into one loan basically leads to an improved loan rating and opens opportunities for you.

Benefit in 3 easy steps

You fill out the loan application and we do the rest.

You fill out the application

Fill in the application now and indicate existing loans or credit card debts including the outstanding amount.

We replace your loan

We take care of your existing obligations with the third-party bank. This is free of charge and convenient for you because we take care of it.

You benefit

You will save a lot of money thanks to lower interest rates on loans and keep track of your payments with a single monthly installment.

Switch to FINROX now

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CHF 1000CHF 250'000

Time 60

6 months120 months


Monthly Rate

Monthly rate from 4.9%

CHF 563.30

Of which credit protection: CHF
Monthly rate up to 9.9% (depending on the rate)

CHF 629.70

Of which credit protection: CHF

Frequently asked questions

Can I change an existing loan to FINROX?

We are happy to check the current loan conditions for you, without obligation and free of charge. Often our customers pay too much to third-party providers. A loan replacement is almost always worthwhile and is free of charge, because we take care of the administration for you.

Here you can have a loan replacement checked.

When is a credit inquiry advisable?

This depends on your current and individual situation. We can do a free, non-binding loan check for you and advise you on your options.

Please note the following points:

  • Banks are obliged to register loan applications with the Central Office for Loan Information (ZEK)
  • All banks query ZEK to check current loans or open loan requests
  • Too many open loan requests can have a bad effect on your loan conditions!

Therefore we recommend to first make a free and non-binding loan check with FINROX.

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